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FREE coaching on landing difficulties

or in-flight aircraft maneuvering proficiency. 

A combination course of basic aerobatics with your pre-solo flight training is now available!

In six hours, beginning with your first hour of flight, it may be possible for you to accomplish your solo flight plus Loops, Rolls, Spins, Cuban Eights, and other aerobatic maneuvers combining them into a sequence similar to the sequence that aerobatic competition pilots fly! This course was used successfully with Felix Verala High School in Miami, Florida with their WINGS program! The first word from each student after their first one turn spin during their first hour of flight was, "AWESOME!"

Just say you would like the Pre-solo/Aerobatic Course. Aerobatic training is available to make you a better pilot even if you hold an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate....Oh, yes, all training is available in a tail wheel Citabria (airbatic spelled backwards) airplane. The tail wheel configuration makes you a better pilot through the required directional control on the ground and responsive feel in flight contrary to most fight schools using tricycle gear aircraft.

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